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Once [01 Mar 2008|01:52am]
i will end up alone and i am drunk.  Fuckin shrooms i hate you.  Drugs are unattractive so stop it already.  I will marry a music man. I want him to be tall and head over heals. Take this singing boat and point it home we still have time. Life is not where i want it to be. Not unhappy tho just not happy? I run away...big news.  Thanks for calling me back.  I quess  i wouldnt call me back either. Persepolis was good and so was juno. I now own both.  Silly rabi kicks are for tribs.  Still my favorite joke.  Tomorrow going to suck.  You still wont get a job and i still wont be happy.
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a no good song ive been workin on [08 Dec 2007|03:33am]

So to reach the sky, I will fly high

To shoot moon, ill need Strength soon

To skip the sea, no boats for me

The wind I’ll take, my heart will ache

For you have gone into the pond

But came about that toad and trout

Who were taken out for fear of drought


We’re all alone inside at home

Wait for summer days to fly away

But trouts and toads carry great loads

No wings to use and cannot choose

They sit and stay can’t fly away

But they lye in dream oh what a scheme

On summers night to try for flight

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[05 Dec 2007|11:09pm]
i swear to your sweater maker i loved you
but it is hard for me to stay on the ground
i will forever and always be jumping from cloud to cloud
but i know i miss kissing you thunder head
and i loved the way you rolled across my sky
so i'll say so long for now thunder cloud
but i know someday you will be blowing my way
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[26 Nov 2007|10:50pm]
Hurry up and get famous so that we may marry.  You can not make love without love. DUH! O god your hair looked funny.  I know what it is you want to get away from i ran from it to.  Crazy boys make crazy noise and i almost forgot what good music sounded like.  Hey why don't you clean.  Dreampt i had a zombie baby.  I'm still pissed at you for painting on my canvas dickface. So happy thanksgiving you ignorant piece of shit.  I couldn't descramble mlipe.  And 32 down is not toe.  Work is slow but still a reason not to do homework.  I'm in love with you you and you.  Smells like defeat.  Cigarette burns. Running in place yet again.  Still pissed you painted on my canvas shithead!!!! Painted life is about how you paint this great canvas with many reds a little blue and mostly yellow. How you take something so small....say shared coffee and you paint something in your head.  Something like a life.
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strange [27 Jul 2007|12:28pm]
last night was not good
sugar poured all over a young girl
i need to be home
i guys miss you
i cant write anymore songs
i don't want to make music
if you're done with me let know
but i wasn't done with you
felt sick all month
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"Samson" [10 May 2007|01:06pm]
Beneath the stars came fallin' on our heads
But they're just old light, they're just old light

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
Told me I was beautiful and came into my bed
Oh I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light
And he told me that I'd done alright
And kissed me 'til the mornin' light, the mornin' light
And he kissed me 'til the mornin' light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
Ate a slice of wonderbread and went right back to bed
Oh, we couldn't bring the columns down
Yeah we couldn't destroy a single one
And history books forgot about us
And the bible didn't mention us, not even once

I loved you first
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it was a GREAT weekend [23 Apr 2007|01:20pm]
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no good no good no good [03 Apr 2007|11:09pm]
me skinned knees and broken bones.
this will end with me being stupid and feeling small.  im no good no good no good. 
We all lie so well.

Why cant i shut up my stupid head.

worthless. heartless. pennyless. dumb. numb. drama. trama. young! young! young!
i think its storming in my brain.
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[17 Aug 2006|03:51pm]

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[29 Jul 2006|02:00pm]

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[29 Jul 2006|01:15pm]

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[20 Jul 2006|05:53pm]

loads of pictures

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[17 Jun 2006|07:16pm]

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[12 Jun 2006|09:55pm]

i like my hair...i do
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[22 May 2006|09:05am]
i am sexual frustrated right now
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Don't Trust the moon [14 May 2006|07:33pm]
wake me up when september school fucking ends!
can't i just be there now?

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[11 May 2006|10:12am]
Th concretes...must not forget this name
and the 88
oh and pavement

fuck you ipod for not working
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[02 May 2006|10:09am]

fuck this town
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[10 Apr 2006|05:02pm]

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I am a weak person [12 Mar 2006|08:05pm]
what have i done

myspace i already miss you
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